Sword Translations

Various things that I translate, mostly related to Katanagatari. Last update: an interview between Fujimoto Tatsuki, author of Fire Punch and Samura Hiroaki, author of Blade of the Immortal. Also, WordPress’s last update broke some old formatting, so I’ll have to fix that sometime.

Kyotou Yasuri

An audiobook prequel to Katanagatari, set during the rebellion twenty years before the story. Written by Nisio Isin, author of the Katanagatari light novels and voiced by the anime’s voice actors. It was included with the Blu-rays and DVDs of Katanagatari’s anime. You can download the audiobook here.

  • Chapter 1, read by Tamura Yukari (Togame)
  • Chapter 2, read by Miyamoto Mitsuru (Uneri Ginkaku)
  • Chapter 3, read by Yuya Atsuko (Tsuruga Meisai)
  • Chapter 4, read by Midorikawa Hikaru (Sabi Hakuhei)
  • Chapter 5, read by Koyama Tsuyoshi (Azekura Kanara)
  • Chapter 6, read by Tomatsu Haruka (Princess Hitei)
  • Chapter 7, read by Nakahara Mai (Yasuri Nanami)
  • Chapter 8, read by Koyama Rikiya (Souda Emonzaemon)
  • Chapter 9, read by Itou Shizuka (Kiguchi Zanki)
  • Chapter 10, read by Itou Miyako (Higaki Rinne)
  • Chapter 11, read by Okiayu Ryoutarou (Maniwa Houou)
  • Chapter 12, read by Hosoya Yoshimasa (Yasuri Shichika)


A Katanagatari drama cd. Each of the main characters introduces themselves and answers questions. The drama cd is here.

Other Nisio Isio

Thunderbolt Fantasy



26 thoughts on “Sword Translations

  1. Thank you very much for the translation! Would you also translate Maniwagatari (I have photos of the pages) or Towazugatari (another Katanagatari drama CD, I’ll try to find its scriptbook if you need)? And I’ve heard that Take’s artbook reviews the story with Princess Hitei’s comments, does it?


  2. This is really a feast – both audiobooks complete! I see you even refined the translation in some places. Thanks a lot! I’m very interested in everything related to Katanagatari. By the way, I found “Hitei Clear” from Mazemonogatari in English.


  3. Thank you so much for your work translating! Reading that Hitokui Magical translation was something I really needed. Do you have a Ko-fi page or anything of the sort?


  4. Hello ! I’m in the process of getting the box containing the short story 刀語余話, which I’m assuming you don’t have since it doesn’t seem to have ever been translated into English (unless I missed it somehow). Would you be interested in translating it and publishing it here ?


      • Hey, sorry to be a bother! And thank you so much for going out of your way to translate and share all these, it’s so cool of you. I know you said you couldn’t upload long videos to Youtube, but maybe you could do it in pieces? Sadly some of the videos in the link you provided don’t actually work/play anymore.


      • I didn’t translate anything, we should thank the blog author 🙂 I only wrote a few comments.
        I’ll try to cut the videos later, but the original source of Kyoto Yasuri are 12 disks with ending songs. Found an English-language torrent tracker where you can download them without registration:
        MP3: https://nyaa.si/view/293669
        Lossless FLAC: https://nyaa.si/view/211180
        If you don’t need the entire soundtrack, after opening the torrent file choose 3rd (and also 4th if present) file in folders 1-12.
        nyaa.si has a lot of other Katanagatari stuff, including light novels in English and Japanese, and anime production materials leaked in January 2010


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