Chapter 10

And here’s Chapter 10. Chapter 11 needs a bit more editing. Some art of Higaki Rinne.k10.jpg


Chapter 6

I’m still not really satisfied with it, but here’s Chapter 6. It looks like I’ve gotten to a steady weekly pace now. I’d like to release Chapter 7 and 8 earlier, but I want to get further with Chapter 9 before that. Well, we’ll see.

Anyways, here’s a miko Konayuki.


Chapter 1

I finished Chapter 1. Finally. Chapter 2 should be ready in about a week. Here’s a picture of the castle in question.Owari Castle

And here’s a (cellphone picture of) some art by take, the artist of the Katanagatari light novels. It’s from the Katanagatari artbook. It’s a pretty nice book and I’d scan it, but it’s also a pretty nice book that I don’t want to ruin.